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  1. Orchestrating and integrating Chef ecosystems with Ansible in AWS

    These days, the number of tools that we use to deal with our infrastructure and services are endless; seemingly as if a new batch pops and takes over the world almost overnight. It’s hard to limit yourself to one of them since they all have their specialties and weaknesses.

    That’s why every once in a while, you need a little help gluing things together. Today, we’re going to look at one approach to harmonize the relationship between Ansible and Chef.

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  2. Using ansible to build and orchestrate clean docker images

    Building containers and composing them together can often be a messy process, especially when using Ansible. You need a Dockerfile with basic bash’y commands, an ansible role to deploy them, and some sort of tool like Kubernetes or docker-compose that don’t all exactly communicate very well.

    Enter ansible-container: a new tool by the awesome folks at ansible to more tightly integrate your roles with docker to create flattened images, and cleanly test and deploy your entire stack easily.

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